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Psycho Education

Medication administration and education.

Evaluations and Diagnosis

for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Wraparound Services

A compassionate way to care for families who have complicated needs.

Group Counseling

Therapeutic intervention involving direct personal involvement of a counselor/therapists in small groups.


Bruce Professional Counseling Services utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach in addressing the mental health needs of its clients. We specialize in various counseling services including domestic violence classes, care/anger management, and more. View all of our services below.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Skills

Services are designed to assist the individual with compensating for or eliminating functional deficits and interpersonal and/or environmental barriers.


Community Psychiatric Support Treatment 

Services are goal-directed supports and solution-focused to help eliminate social and behavioral barriers that interfere with everyday functioning within the community, school, home, and/or friendships.


Crisis Intervention

Services are provided to a person who is experiencing a psychiatric crisis and are designed to interrupt and/or ameliorate a crisis experience via a preliminary assessment, immediate crisis resolution, and de-escalation and referral and linkage to appropriate community services to avoid more restrictive levels of treatment.

Community Education

Through our education program, we provide training and specialized consultation to professionals and lay persons throughout the community. Topics include parenting, physical and sexual abuse, pregnancy prevention, grief and loss in childhood, suicide and violence prevention, and many other child/family oriented education programs.

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a core service for Mississippi and Louisiana. Adults with medicaid or the appropriate insurance can request sessions for PSR. These sessions will be offered from 9AM until 2PM on available dates. For more information or to request an appointment, click here.

Wraparound Services

Wraparound is a compassionate way to care for families with complicated needs. Wraparound teams are made of caring professionals, friends, and family who use wraparound principles to meet the needs of families.


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